When booking a stag weekend we all want it to be the most epic, unforgettable weekend possible for the unlucky one about to take the leap into married life. With so many options out there its hard to know whats worth it and whats not. To make it easier for the best man we have put together a simple list of why Krakow’s is the best Stag Party destination in Europe.

It’s Underrated

Krakow is just like the last beer at the back of the fridge revealing it self just as you thought you had run dry. Krakow’s never on the top of the list when booking a stag party and that is a damn good thing, why? Because unlike city’s such as Budapest, Prague etc, That are on the top of the list, the locals are still interested in foreigners,go out of there way to help, or have a chat over a beer and the ladies are excited about anyone that speaks English. Know I’m not saying other city’s suck, I recently went on a friends stag party to Prague and it was bloody brilliant. You just have to get use to not being welcome and about 70% of the other tourists are stag groups or similar. As you could probable imagine the locals have had there fair share of trouble.

Its Cheap

I’m not saying your a tight ass and looking for a cheap holiday, we all want to get our moneys worth when planning something this important. 1 euro will get you about 5zl (polish zlotys) that’s enough for a pint of beer or a shot of local vodka. Food is about the same when it comes to price, you can eat out at 5 star restaurant without double checking the price of each item before you order.

The Ladies.

Obviously this goes without saying that the stag only has eyes for one lucky lady, but the rest of you are free to do as you please. You might be happy to know Krakow is blessed with an outstanding Female/Male ratio that will have you contemplating why you haven’t visited this city before, now take into account Krakow is the university capital of Poland… Well I am sure you understand what i’m getting at.

Lets Get Ship Faced!

At the top of any stag party to-do list is party and party fucking hard. Krakow has got you covered with a boat party that offers more alcohol then you can dream of drinking(2 hours unlimited beer,rum,vodka,gin & whisky) and a tram party that’s bring your own alcohol. Both for less then the price of a few beers back home & both include a pub crawl after party that visits 3 or more clubs.

Shooting Laws

Forget about gun licenses, training, background checks or anything like that, simply show up and start shooting. Thanks to the some what relaxed gun laws in Poland, you can drive 5 minutes down the road and shoot anything from an AK-47, Pump Action Shotgun, Magnum Revolver even an UZI or the big dog AR-15. More details here.

Every Activity Possible

A haunted house, bubble soccer, Cliff diving in an abandoned mine turned lake,paintball, go carting, escape room, driving a real army tank, quad biking or anything in between, Krakow has it all.

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