As the best man, everything rests on your shoulders to make sure that the groom and the lads have the most epic weekend possible! To make your life a little easier we have put together a list of what we believe is not only the most fun but also the best bang for your buck when it comes to planning activities for your group.


Krakow may be the cultural capital of Poland but it is still an ex-communist country which means one thing….GUNS! If you have ever wanted to wrap your hands around a Russian AK-57, Uzi Machine Gun, Pump Action Shotgun, Sniper Rifle or just about any other gun, then Krakow is the place to do so. There are a number of shooting ranges all within 15-20 minutes drive from the city centre. We recommend booking with Top Gun, they will arrange a hotel pick up/drop off and the instructors all speak fluent English with years of experience, some are even retired military officers.

Top Gun | info@topgun.net.pl | +48 691 462 152

Dog Chase

There are few things in life more satisfying then stitching up your mates. That couldn’t be any truer than when your mate is about to say goodbye to his mates forever and get married. Now picture your mate getting chased down by a huge and very angry German Shepard. A bit different to your regular stag weekend activities, it’s sure to get the stag’s adrenaline pumping and you will have some great footage to remind him of the time he was mowed down by an attack dog. We recommend booking it with adventure tour company Thousand Miles, they also organise transfers as well as a complimentary bottle of vodka.

Thousand Miles | collaboration@thousandmiles.pl | +48 693 60 60 50

Pub Crawl

One of the hardest parts of a stag weekend is getting into bars and clubs altogether. Unfortunately, the same problem exists in Krakow with some of the strictest security around. Krakow is a student town and as such, there is no shortage of beautiful young ladies and gents trying to find somewhere to party. One way to avoid this problem (plus save some of the budget) is to book a pub crawl. All of the crawls in Krakow will get you into 5 clubs, starting the night with 1 hour of unlimited drinks. We recommend Krakow Crawl as they are the best & highest rated across the board. Just check out their photos on Instagram if you don’t believe us.

If you want to go out for a VIP night and stay at only one club, the best option is FOUR.

Krakow Crawl | info@krakowcrawl.com | +48 575 923 658

Boat Party

Now a pub crawl is definitely a fun night out but now, imagine doing that on a boat filled with 180 other people cruising down the river as the beats are pumping! Krakow Boat Party runs every Saturday evening March – November (Friday evenings May-August) for 2 hours of complete madness. You’ll get an open bar for 2 hours then if you’re still standing you’ll be taken to 3 of the best clubs in Krakow with free entry and free shots at each venue!

Krakow Boat Party | info@krakowboatparty.com | +48 577 929 968

I hope this guide helps you plan an unforgettable weekend in Krakow for your mate’s stag weekend. Just remember, what happens in Krakow stays in Krakow!

If you are planning a stag party in Krakow, head over to our guide “Stag Do Games & Survival Guide“, we go deep into the best games and advice to make sure you have the best stag week in Krakow.

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