Bania Luka

You haven’t fully experienced Krakow until you have done some vodka shots at Bania Luka, this fine establishment is about as Polish as you can get, frequented by students, tourists, businessmen after work and everyone else in between, all are welcome and Bania. Open 24 hours with a very basic menu of traditional polish food. Choose from a selection of 1EUR/5PLN shots like the Chuppa Chuppa or infamous Maddog, no matter the time of day or night there you are sure to have a good time at Bania Luka whether it’s in the afternoon for a snack and some vodka tasting or in the late hours of the night when nothing else is open and you’re trying to keep the party going.

If your looking to drink some vodka at a club then Four is the best option.

Address: Szewska 13, 31-009 Kraków & Plac Szczepański 6, 33-332 Kraków

Pijalnia Wódki

Pijalnia Wódki is a chain of laid back traditional Polish vodka bar that can be found in almost all major and some smaller cities in Poland. Don’t let the fact its a chain scare you off each bar feels like a local dive bar, friendly bartenders open 24 hours. The decor makes it seem like you are drinking back in communist Poland with its distinct green stools, old newspapers for wallpaper and retro appliances. They are famous for there selection of mixed vodka shots, everything from the tobacco infused vodka shot to flavoured Chupa Chupp vodka, all for only 1 EUR each.

Address: Floriańska 34, 31-019 Kraków

Ready to get Ship Faced?


Wodka Cafe

This cozy little bar is located in the Old Town just off the main square on Mikołajska street, it is one of the smallest bars in Krakow, but that doesn’t stop it from being extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. Abit fancier then some of the other bars on the list they offer served in sipping glasses that look like cute little minute wine glasses for vodka

Another great option is to take a Vodka Tour.

Address: Mikołajska 5, 31-027 Kraków


If you are looking for the weirdest, wildest and widest selection of vodka shot cocktails in Krakow then Szototo is the place for you. Situated in an alleyway leading to the main square along with other bars is this small “shot” bar with hundreds to choose from and only 5 Zloty/1 EUR a shot. Shots with whipped cream, candies, fruits, shots that have to be set on fire, shots with 95% strength alcohol, Szototo has them all.

Address: Pasaż Bielaka, 33-332 Kraków

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