We have put together a list of the best places you can grab a cold one and watch the football in Krakow.

4 Lounge

Located in the heart of the old town, 4 Club stands out as the premier destination to watch the Euros Championship. The lounge on the first floor is designed for ultimate comfort, featuring plush couches that invite you to relax while cheering on your favourite team. What makes 4 Club even more appealing are the cheap drinks and the massive projector screen that ensures you won’t miss a single moment of the action. The vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic crowd make this spot a must-visit for football fans.

Address: Jagiellońska 631-010 Kraków

Opening Hours: showing every game

Specialties: Cheap drinks, large projector screen, comfortable seating

442 Sports Pub

A brand spanking new bar and an ideal place for any sports fan with over 30 screens showing Sky Sports live matches (with English commentary). This is the new king of sports in Krakow and is perfectly located in the heart of the old town on Tomasza street. 442 Sports Pub is clean, professional a tad more pricey but definitely worth it for comfort and the sheer amount of screens showing the footy!

Address: Świętego Tomasza 20, 31-020 Kraków

English Football Club

Exactly as the name suggests, English Football Club specialises in showing all of the English Football matches throughout the week. This basement bar is your typical Krakow cellar bar with a maze of small intimate rooms to tune into the match plus one larger room with a big screen and projector. The best thing about this place is that even though they don’t have a kitchen, they’ll order pizza for you from the joint next door and serve it right to your table! Without a doubt a great place to watch football in Krakow on your next visit.

Address: Mikołajska 5, 31-271 Kraków

Bull Pub

Busy, loud and very rowdy is what you can expect at Bull Pub. It’s one of the busiest sports bars in Krakow due to its very central location and popularity with tourists from the UK. They do great burgers and pub meals, offer a wide selection of English ales and ciders on tap and have two separate beer gardens (front and back). There’s a TV on just about every wall so no matter where you sitting you’ll be able to watch the football. As we said early this place is rowdier than others so make sure you’re prepared for that!

Address: Mikołajska 2, 31-027 Kraków

Ready to get Ship Faced?


Some Place Else

Located in the lobby of the Hilton hotel, they are self-titled as a sports bar but be prepared as this is definitely a hotel bar (with hotel bar prices to match). Definitely more on the fancy side than the other bars we’ve listed but on the upside, they have a great kitchen, lots of big screens and are generally very quiet so you’re sure to get a seat without a reservation.

Address: Powiśle 7, 31-101 Kraków

Tea Time

Situated on the Wisla river, tea time is a quaint bar that’s just far enough out of the old town that you won’t get any riff-raff. Very popular with locals due to their great craft beer selection and because they’re Poland’s only proper ale bar with real ale served through hand-pumped casks from the brewery below. They have medium-sized screens in all rooms playing all the big games, prices are as expected for craft and imported beer, plus they have complimentary salted peanuts. What more could you want?!

Address: Dietla 1, 31-070 Kraków

Bania Luka

Bania Luka is a popular student bar that also attracts locals and tourists due to its very cheap prices. A beer here costs just 7zl and they also serve cheap traditional Polish bar snacks like pierogi and Kielbasa sausage. At the bar, they also mix up just about any flavoured vodka shot you can think or you can choose from their specialised shot menu. In terms of watching football here, there are a handful of screens dotted around the place but the main draw is the large back room fitted with a huge projector screen and ample seating space. Commentary is usually in Polish but we think that the cheap prices and awesome atmosphere make it an awesome choice for watching football in Krakow anyway!

Address: Szewska 13, 31-009 Kraków

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