From the outside the buildings of Krakow look old and unchanged, some dating back to medieval times however its what’s on the inside that’s forever changing. This is because Krakow is fast becoming one fo the most popular tourist deistinations in Europe. One of the best things about this influx of tourism is that venues are constantly having to step it up a notch if they want to remain on top and attract a steady flow of customers. With that, we have put together a list of the best new bars, clubs and restaurants in Krakow.

1. FOUR – Club

4 Club in Krakow stands out as the unrivalled gem among nightclubs in the city, captivating party-goers with its unparalleled energy and unforgettable experiences. From the moment you step inside, you are enveloped by a vibrant atmosphere. The club’s cutting-edge sound system and visually stunning lighting arrangements create an immersive sensory experience that elevates every night to new heights. With an impressive lineup of DJs and live performances, 4 Club consistently delivers top-notch entertainment, ensuring that every guest has a memorable night. Its sleek and modern design, coupled with impeccable service, adds to the allure, making 4 Club the ultimate destination for those seeking an extraordinary night out in Krakow.

Address: Jagiellońska 6, 31-010 Kraków

2.La Bodega Del Ron

Previously named Lokal, this club has been completely overhauled, rebranded and re-decorated. Self described as stepping down into a caribbean rum cellar, immediately after entering you can feel the vibe change from medieval main square Krakow to a Rum Cellar straight from the Prohibition era. Walls are covered in fake plants that make you feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle while at the same time, latin and caribbean tunes pumping so loud the walls are shaking. Stop past during the day or early evening and they are set up as a pizza bar serving a variety of large & delicious pizzas for 15 PLN/4 EURO, with a small beer garden overlooking the main square.

Address: Rynek Główny 6, 31-042 Kraków

3. Cosmic Mini Golf barMinigolf & Bar

One of the very first bars of its type in Poland, exactly as the name suggests you can play mini golf in an intergalactic, cosmic themed bar. They have a 9 hole course, each hole is more out of this world than the last with neon galaxy paintings from floor to ceiling. Lets not forget the most important part, a full service bar. If you get bored of the golf you can play one of the many arcade or board games they have on offer.

Address: Świętej Agnieszki 9, 30-071 Kraków

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4.The Tokio TowerJapanese Restaurant

Tucked away in a pedestrian only street of the jewish quarter Kazimierz you would not be blamed if you walked straight past The Tokio Tower without even realising it existed. It doesn’t get more authentic than this, the owner is an older Japanese gentleman that is the head (and only) chef. He has put his heart and soul into this restaurant after migrating from Japan, you can read the full story on the back side of the hand made menus. With a room that can only be described as a little bit bigger than an elevator you are completely taken over by the aromas of traditional japanese cuisine the second you open the front door. There are 3 small tables that fit 2 people so it’s a very cosy experience, the menu is simple with only 6 dishes to choose from each coming with a complimentary soup and salad. Staying in line with tradition of Japanese cuisine to bring out the flavours of your food there are no drinks on the menu, instead you are offered complimentary bottomless filtered water. The most expensive dish on the menu is a ridiculously low price of 16zl. The food is so delicious after visiting the tower for the first time I went back twice….the same week!!

Address: Podbrzezie 2, 33-332 Kraków

5. Gin MillGin Bar

When searching for number 5 on our list you would not be blamed if you couldn’t find this bar, I have walked past this one multiple time on my way to the main square without even realising it exists. Now that I know it’s there it has been a bar of choice for starting my night on many occasions. For any other gin lovers out there you will surely fall for this bar as quickly as I did. They stock the broadest and best selection of gin in Krakow, very well trained bartenders and my favourite aspect is that it’s so cosy and small with only 12 high seats at the bar and standing room for a only a handful more it gets very cosy, very quickly.

Address: Dietla 49, 33-332 Kraków

6.Bubble Toast – Prosecco Bar

Self described as “the most instagrammable place in Krakow” we whole-heartedly agree with this statement. Everything from bathtubs on the dancefloor, an adult sized ball pit, novelty sized ice creams sticking out of the walls, a old school style merry go round themed corner, complete with horses as seats, to a ceiling with a blanket of hanging bananas. It does got more instragramble than this place. We checked out this venue in the opening week and were pleasantly surprised to say that it’s more than just a pretty face, the drinks menu is a carefully selected set of prosecco cocktails that are simple and dangerously tasty, even for those of us that tend to avoid anything with bubbles. Accompanying the drinks is a small but thoughtful list of toasties, now tell me, who doesn’t love a toastie after a few drinks? The creators of bubble toast have done something really special by bringing together the perfect mix of over the top decor with tasty drinks, a fun atmosphere and simple food options, we can’t wait to see what they do next.

Address: plac Szczepański 5, 33-332 Kraków

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