The challenges of putting together a memorable stag party weekend can be overwhelming. The stag party games, the accommodation, the tickets… aaaahhhhh it’s just too much. We know you want to make it the most epic weekend of your best mate’s life, but with an unorganized bunch of mates you have, it’s looking near impossible.

Don’t Worry! That’s where we come in.

What’s the best way to have a great stag party…….? It’s having the reckless fun and crazy Stag Party Games. 

So we have put together this complete guide of Stag Party Games as our goal is to help you have an unforgettable stag do.

We’ll also:

  • Break down and explain the best  Stag Party Games.
  • Offer some stag party survival tips.
  • Stag party tips & tools for the organiser.
  • Some stag party recommendations just for Krakow.


We have broken down the stag party games into 4 categories so you can choose what suits your group best.

  • Drinking Games
  • Team Stag Party Games
  • Embarrassing Sh*t
  • Just for the Stag 



You might have come across this one before as it’s a classic pub crawl game. Like most of the games on this list, it gets harder to play as the night progresses. It’s said that the Buffalo drinking game comes from the cowboy days of the Wild West when the use of your right hand (the shooting hand) was at times a matter of life or death. Now it’s just a matter of being drunk or drunker.

Rules: Everyone in the group including the stag must only drink with their non-dominant hand. If you spot another player drinking with their dominant hand and calls buffalo, the player that was caught out must finish the rest of their drink as quickly as possible, all in one go. Players can hold their drink with either hand as long as they don’t drink with it.


We dare you to find a better and quicker way to get drunk, this one is more of a novelty than a drinking game but certainly deserves a place on our list, you can buy these online but we recommend making your own and here is a video how.

Rules: There are no rules for this one, just fill it up and let gravity do the rest.


The classic red cup drinking game that can get the party going. Great for beginners and pros alike. Below are the basic rules, if you have played this before then you probably have your own house rules.

Rules: Line 6 red cups on either side of a long table, each glass should be filled quarter the way with beer, generally played by teams of two in which each team takes a turn throwing a table tennis ball into the other team’s cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. If both teammates’ balls land in a cup, the balls are rolled back and they get to shoot again. 

Bonus Rule: Add a number at the bottom of every cup that correlates to set rules that were previously decided. The person who loses the cup needs to drink and do whatever the rule states.

Team Stag Party Games


Don’t worry, no boats needed for this game, just two teams and 2 bottles of vodka, or if you want to start the night a bit slower you can water it down with some mixers like cola or juice.

Rules: Everyone lines up into two even teams and each takes a bottle, start at one end and the first team that makes their bottle to the other end empty wins


After a few drinks, it can be annoying listening to how drunk your mates are so this games can solve this while also adding some fun to the night. 

Rules: All members of the stag party group are prohibited from saying how drunk they are, this includes any other version of the term like wasted, smashed, gone..etc. Instead, all stag do members must say that they are “feeling wise”.  Each time a player makes a mistake they must do a predetermined punishment.


This stag party game is by far the simplest of the games on our list but could be the hardest & most dangerous. We put together a little list of the best sports bars in Krakow here that are all stag friendly and a great place to start the day’s drinking. 

Rules: No one except for the stag is allowed to use the word “Beer” for the entire weekend, you are free to use any other word, for example, brewski, brew, cold one, juice, hooch, moonshine, tummy buster, liquid bread, sauce, suds, slops, tinnie, golden nectar…….etc. You could even say it in Polish “Piwo”. Just don’t use the B-word or you have to down your drink (or your next drink if you don’t have one in hand).

Embarrassing Sh*t (Games)


This game can be kept clean or can be turned up a notch for those who like to live dangerously.

Rules: Each member of the group will be given a nickname that is decided on by the group, each member can only be called by their nickname and call others by their nicknames the entire stag do weekend, no matter where, when or how serious the conversion. If any member of the stag party is to break the rule then you guessed it…the next round is on them. Nicknames should all be voted on before the stag party begins. 


This game works especially well if you are thinking of booking in one of our shooting packages for your epic stag party weekend. 

Rules: Before the night begins the best man will put as many toy soldiers in a bag as there are stag do members, each stag party member then pulls out a soldier at random. That is now your pose. No matter if you’re on a free walking tour or between pubs, if at any moment the best man shouts the command “Assume the position!” all members must hold the pose of their toy soldier for 15 seconds. 


This stag party game is a bit more flexible and the main phrase of the game can be changed to something that might get a few more laughs each time it’s said. 

Rules: All stag party group members must stand up and proudly say the phrase “Thank You Governor” when they finish their drink loud enough so that all stag do group members in the area car hear them, if you get caught out by another group member not thanking the governor you become the new governor and the next round of drinks are on you. 



We are finishing the list off with a simple stag do game and a sure-fire way to make sure no one can wimp out of getting some of the good stuff down their neck.

Rules: When the stag drinks everyone else drinks, It’s that simple, no if’s or buts about it, when the stag drinks everyone in the group is obligated to drink no matter if you’re hungover, just eaten or just spewed, if the main man drinks YOU DRINK! We suggest starting this game off at one of Krakow’s many shot bars


If you want to get even more serious when it comes to planning your stag party games we suggest deciding on the games & nicknames you want to use before heading into the stag weekend and printing them on a card for each member of the stag party.

This not only means no one has an excuse to say they didn’t know the rules, but you can also throw in “Rule Check” as an extra game, if someone calls out “rule check” all stag party members must pull out the rule card/book from their pocket and hold it in the air for all other members to see, the punishment for breaking this one is up to you to decide. Also having the rulebook as an excuse might get you out of trouble with the locals.

Ready to get Ship Faced?



It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and on a stag party, it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. If you follow these stag party survival tips, it should hopefully stop anyone from ending up in hospital……or jail! We have taken most of this information from our Epic Nightlife Survival Guide 

You can also check out this helpful guide from Last Night of Freedom.

Bars & Clubs

  • If you are looking for clubs then The Old Town (Stare Miasto) is where you want to be, all the clubs are within walking distance, full of locals & tourists and go early into the morning. 
  • The best club in the Old Town is FOUR Music Club.
  • The other main distinct is Kazimerz (Old Jewish Quarters) this is where you will find endless unique bars & pubs, more casual and a great place to start the night before hitting the clubs. 
  • If you are looking for something even more laid back and relaxed then Podgorze is for you mostly full of hip restaurants and a small handful of casual bars. 
  • The bouncers at most bars and clubs aren’t very friendly, so don’t look at them or say anything to them. If they ask you to leave you should do so promptly.

Drinking & Drugs

  • If you order drinks at any bar or club, you must let the bartender know exactly what you want, otherwise, you may end up drinking vodka with gold flakes and a very expensive bill. We recommend always asking for the cheapest option.
  • Drinking in public is a big no-no, Krakow city police are always on the lookout for unwitting tourists they can slap with a hefty fine.
  • Drugs are even more illegal and you will get a lot more than just a fine. The quality is also not worth wasting your money. You’re better off buying a few extra shots of vodka

Strip Clubs & Promoters  

STAY AWAY, strip clubs in Krakow are just there to steal tourists’ money. Not a week goes past in summer when we don’t hear of stag groups getting ripped off, intimidated into paying more than they should or sometimes much worse. 

Street Girls

If two friendly and good looking ladies come up to you late at night offering to take you to a bar with them you can be almost 100% sure they will be employees of the previously mentioned strip clubs. The prices of drinks at such places will be at least 10 times and the drink menus don’t have any prices on them. These venues usually have big scary security guards that will be more than happy to rough up anyone not willing to pay the bill. 



We have put a shortlist of basic Polish that should help impress some of the local ladies. 

Hello! – Cześć!

How are you? – Jak się masz? 

Two beers please – Dwa piwa proszę

No – Nie / Tak – Yes

Please – Proszę

What’s your phone number? – Jaki jest twój numer telefonu?

You are beautiful! – Jesteś piękna!

I’m drunk – Jestem pijany


Krakow is known to have some of the friendliest locals in Poland, this is due to it being a student city with more than 200,00 students and the locals are used to tourists as it has been a hotspot for travellers as long as the city has been around.


Poland may be in the EU but like some of its slavic neighbours it still uses its own currency, which is th Złoty, you can exchange EU/GBP at any of the exchanges (Kantor) around the city. Be careful you are getting a fair rate, it should be around 4.5 zł to 1 €, always check google before accepting the rate offered.


Summer is pimping hot and temperature hits +30° so don’t forget your swim gear if you want to take a dip in one of Krakow’s many lakes, If visiting in winter don’t forget to pack a extra warm jacket as it gets down to -20 in the winter, all clubs will cloak jackets for around 2 zl.

Flights & Accommodation

It’s highly likely you already know & have used these in the past but we have thrown them in for good measure.

Looking for cheap flights check out: Google Flights or Skyscanner.

Looking for a Hostel or apartment: Hostel World or Airbnb


We suggest doing a quick trip advisor or google review check before heading into any restaurants, especially ones of the main square as it can be very hit and miss, we have also put a list with some of our favourite Polish restaurants in Krakow, check it out here

Getting Around

Write the address on all your phones of your accommodation or take a business card from the hotel/hostel so you can at least show that to the taxi driver when you’re too drunk to put a sentence together, if you are getting a taxi after dark we suggest using uber/bolt or another app rather then jumping in a taxi from the street. 


Just to make it even easier for those of you that cringe at the thought of all the organization that needs to be done, we put together a quick list of links to the best bars, clubs restaurants & more in Krakow, this list sums up what we would plan if one our best mates were coming to Krakow for their stag party.


The Little Havana Party HostelCuban Themed Hostel

Greg & Toms Beer House Hostel, Bar & Restaurant 

Draggo HouseHostel & Apartment

Stradonia – Upscale Apartment 

Aparthotel Stare Miasto – Upscale Apartment 

Puro Hotel – Hotel 

Amber Hotel – Upscale Hotel 


Warsztat Restaurant & CaféCheap & Tasty

Moa BurgerBest Burgers in Krakow

Nota RestoFancy & Formal

Milkbar TomaszaBIG Breakfast 

Babcia Malina Traditional Polish

Starka – Traditional Polish

Nadwislanska – Hipster & Funky

Velo – Hipster & Funky

Bars & Clubs

442Sports Bar

ProzacTechno Ravecave

ShineBiggest Club in Krakow

COCOFancy Nightclub

Teatro CubanoCuban Themed (most popular)

Bubble ToastHipster Cocktail Bar

Alchemia – Alternative Bar (Kazimierz District)

Pijalnia wódki i piwaVodka Shotbar

House of Beer – Polish Beer House

Nightlife Activities

Krakow Crawl  Bar & Pub Crawl

Krakow Boat Party River Cruise & Pub Crawl 

Vodka TourGuided Bar Tour w/ Vodka Tasting

Alternative CrawlBar Crawl (Kazimierz district)

More Tours & Activities 

Polish Food TourTraditional Polish Food & Drink Tour 

Krakow Stag ActivitiesAK-47 Shooting, Paintball, Go-Karting & more

City WalksFree Walking Tours of Krakow, Auschwitz & Salt Mines Tours

Final Words 

We mentioned a couple of times through this post to stay away from the strip clubs in Krakow….that does mean you have to stay away from strippers! We can organise some to come directly to your apartment, during your limo transfers or just about anywhere else, check the babe’s tab here or contact us directly. 

A stag weekend is something special and we all want our best mate to have an epic weekend, I can say this from my own experience as my stag party was planned by the other 2 out of 3 owners of the boat party last August (2020) and it was one of the best weekends of my life, apart from my wedding of course.. *cough couch*. I will remember it for the rest of my life, the good, the bad and the weird, at Krakow Boat Party we want to make sure your stag party weekend you are planning is one for the record books. 

So don’t hesitate to get in contact with any requests, questions big or small or if you simply need some recommendations on planning your stag weekend.

If you have a stag party game on this list, let us know in the comments below. 

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