Considering joining the one and only Krakow Boat Party but need a little extra push? Then give yourself a couple of minutes to read this to get you over the line.

2-Hour Open Bar!

This is not a drill!! When we say 2 hours open bar we 100%, unequivocally and wholeheartedly mean it. We offer 2 hours of unlimited vodka, rum, gin and beer with a variety of mixers to knock back while you enjoy those weekend beats and the breathtaking views of Krakow onboard the biggest party boat in town.

Now we’re sure you’ve all tried a forgettable pub crawl or party boat before…You know the ones where you go in there expecting everything but find huge queues, shitty selection, warm beers or even watered down drinks. Fear not! We do absolutely everything to ensure that you all get the chance to drink your fill. Oh and btw, since we’ve been doing this for quite some time now, we can say with supreme confidence that no sailor has left this ship sober!

Party Boat Krakow

Bar Crawl

Look, we know that there are a bunch of pub crawls in the city to choose from and we think they’re all great, particularly our buddies over at Krakow Crawl. But we only run twice a week – when you can do a pub crawl any old day and in any old city. Also, you’re in one of the only cities in Europe that offers weekly party boats and we think that’s pretty damn special!

you know what else? We actually include a pub crawl after every one of our boat parties! We drop the anchor and 10:30pm sharp which is excellent timing to go and hit up 3 of the best nightclubs in the city! Plus, you’ll get free entrance and a free welcome shot at each club. Our regular spots are Prozac 2.0, Bodega Del Ron and Coco which means there is something in there for everyone. Whether you’re a techno junky or like to get down to some saucy reggaeton, you’ll find it all on our afterparty pub crawl.

Party Boat Krakow

Something For Everyone

We hope that your decision is becoming easier. If the open bar and pub crawl isn’t enough to sway you, then how does this sound – Live DJ, professional photographer, photo booth, live magician and drinking games? At Krakow Boat Party, we understand that not everyone just wants to get drunk and dance the night away so we’ve added a bunch of extra entertainment for those who aren’t as alcoholic as the rest of us!

Our resident DJ plays an epic mix of house music and classic remixes while our professional photographer captures all the antics of night. Those pictures are available on our facebook page the week after the party, so if you want to see them or try to piece together your night then head over there for clarification! We also have a photobooth onboard each week, with a bunch of wacky costumes and outfits as well as unlimited free print outs to take home with you. Finally, our professional/borderline alcoholic party guides will be playing a bunch of drinking games onboard if you feel like flexing your drinking skills!

Party Boat Krakow


At Krakow Boat Party, we pride ourselves on having some of the freshest merchandise around. We’ve got a variety of t-shirts and hats starting as low as 40pln…that’s €9!

Our merch doubles as not only some new threads but also as a little momento or as we like to call them ‘memory joggers’, in the hope that you might look at it and remember some of the fun you had onboard with us! All of our gear is available online or onboard each week.

Party Boat Krakow

Best Views In The City

We’re not sure what else we can say to convince you to come and join the Krakow Boat Party, so take a look at this photo and try to tell us that you don’t want to come and get drunk with us whilst looking at that view!!

Party Boat Krakow
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