Travelling is loads of fun and its something that more and more us are doing, but no one warns you about how mind-numbingly boring it can be when in between destinations. For all those of you saying “oh well you should enjoy the surroundings & look at the beautiful scenery”. When you are on a 10 hour night-bus from Berlin to Krakow after you’ve just been partying in Berghain the last 26 hours, there is only so long you can stare out the window before you start smacking your head against it.

You could try relax with a nice book or get some sleep, however that’s not always easy when your stuck next to a giant snoring old German man. To make your hard life of travelling that little bit easier, we have put together some of our hints/tips, mobile apps and ways of getting you through those long ass bus/train/car trips.

The Holy Grail

We will start off with the the most obvious but often most taken for granted. You must and at all costs treat your headphones as if they are the holy grail. That means if you have to drop half your group or throw them under the bus, you don’t even hesitate. Headphones are a lifesaver, weather you’re bored on a long trip and, need some help getting that nap in or simply so people don’t bother you. Headphones will be their for you. Listening to right tune can instantly transport you elsewhere or make you appreciate your surroundings in a whole new way.


No we are not talking about eye spy with my little eye, Although sometimes very fun. We are talking about a good old fashion deck. A decent deck of playing cards can really come in handy when traveling with others, there is countless games (gin rummy,big 2, poker. Just to name a few) that can kill countless hours. Lets not forget how handy they will come in when the drinking games start at your next destination. If you are more of the solo traveler then make sure you load up on decent games when you have WiFi.(make sure to download games that don’t require on going internet access)

Ready to get Ship Faced?



The moment you have some decent WiFi we suggest loading up on all the TV shows, movies and music you can fit on your device. If your flash for cash, NETFLIX & Spotify are a sure bet to keep you entertained for hours. Like with games make sure you change the settings so the content is available offline.

Power Bank

This ties in with the previous three, don’t be the sucker that runs out of battery after the first few hours into your trip, power banks are dirt cheap and can give you an extra 2 or 3 times charge for your device. If you a bit of tight ass or have already lost your power bank, bring your USB cord as the majority of bus and trains in Europe now have USB charging points. (older trains in EU that don’t have them at your chair will usually have a charging point at the end of each carriage)

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