If anything like us you probably tell yourself all the standard lies. You’ll take it easy on the drinks, plan ahead your nights out, not waste time being hungover in a beautiful foreign land. Let’s be honest none of the above are going to happen. In fact, I’d be willing to put my money on the fact you do just the opposite, maybe even dabble in some more “experimental” ways of partying. Here’s how to stay alive and enjoy the rest of your trip without feeling like there is monkey in your head banging its symbols together..

Nap Time

Its just like you are little kid again. It doesn’t matter if you’re on tram/bus/train, any opportunity you get to take a nap, you take it. Its surprising how much of a difference a few minutes here or there can make. Especially when you have a few hours of travel ahead of you, trust us when we say once you have seen a few fields and mountains you have seen them all. You will be much more grateful for the sleep you get now, when it’s 5AM, you’re wasted, your bus leaves at 5:45 and you’re able to make it unlike your mate who is passed out at 2 and won’t wake up.

The Oldies

This can be a bit of hard one, try to avoid getting into deep conversations with anyone that’s more than double your age, these people can drain way to much of your life and ask questions that you could barely answer with a functioning brain, let alone one drowned in the stench of day old beer. That’s not to say avoid anyone older then you, just be vigilant and mindful of any conversation that may lead to contemplating life’s true meaning and what brought you here

More Shots

Just as little John puts it best “Shots Shots Shots”. This is a very obvious one and your probably a semi pro at the least. The age old recipe to cure the hangover is to stay drunk, in this case it might not be the best idea to go all out from the break of dawn. Especially if you plan on getting anything done. So we suggest getting the first shot in just after lunch and then no matter what adventure you have planned for the rest of the day, you’ll be well up for it. Don’t forget to get in few more sneaky shots along the way before the real partying starts . Invest in a nice neat hip flask that will go unnoticed.

The Holy Grail

You must and at all costs treat your headphones as if they are the holy grail. That means if you have to drop half your group or throw them under the bus, you don’t even hesitate. Headphones are a lifesaver, weather you’re bored on a long trip and, need some help getting that nap in or simply so people don’t bother you. Headphones will be there for you. Listening to right tune can instantly transport you or make you make you appreciate your surroundings in a whole new way.

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