A few weeks ago it was tossing up if leaving your hostel at some point was worth bearing the cold to see the sights, now its on to the next dilemma. “How to cool off in between the walking tours and pub crawls ?”

The days are getting longer and starting to get a little bit toasty, welcomed by locals that are well and truly done with the hard Polish winter.

Zakrzowek lake

Cloaked by a dense set of bushes,dirt mounds and trees. You could drive or walk straight past and be none the wiser to the oasis the lies afoot. No signs with directions, you wont find this in any of your travel guides either. This is mainly due to the fact its private property and heavily fenced up. That’s never stopped the locals from making as many access holes as possible to get through, Some even set up in front of the holes they have cut and charge any passing tourists a small fee to use there entry point.

It was once an operational limestone quarry that accidentally pierced the water table and flooded. With more cliffs to jump of then you could throw a stick at, ranging from 7 to a massive 21 meters. Whats even more hidden to most is tucked away in on of the corners is a scuba diving club, that’s because at the bottom you will find all kinds of things from a bus, computer and desk, vans, cars, sunken boats and the former changing rooms of the old quarry.

If you are into cool abandon sh*t then you will be happy to know you can try to access the large, abandoned and very creepy Austrian bunkers carved in the cliffs (though most have been sealed off in recent years). A great place to go exploring (at your own risk!)

Kryspinow Lake

Located much further out of Krakow, about 12 km’s. Although its a lake you could call it a beach with some sections perfect for relaxing by the water on the sand, its a unique and remarkable location – particularly considering landlocked Krakow i nowhere near the coastline!

Kryspinow is much more family friendly, and comes with all the compliments you would expect to find in a coastal resort including crystal clear waters, a beach volleyball court, a swimming area complete with slides and a separate play area for younger children.An adventure zone was added not too long ago as well which features professional High Rope Courses and events and parties are also organised throughout the summer.

Bagry Lagoon

Bagry is biggest artificial reservoir and unlike the others is used much more for boats, with two marinas, you will frequently see sailing and small paddles boats + kayak, canoe and pedalo rental. Located in the Plaszow district and much closer to old down then Kryspinow.

The biggest surprise of all the lakes is the fact that you get gnarly and wake board here, they have a fully equipped set up with professional and bigger obstacles, for more info check out Wake Point.

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