Is it just us or is there something thrilling about exploring abandoned sh*t, especially when its fenced off? There are some really beautiful and interesting parts of history that have been left to rot in the wilderness. We’ve put together a list of some of these places to check out if you have had enough of the Old Town and all its tourists.

Liban Quarry

Now a sanctuary for all types of wild animals has a very dark past. It was previously a penal labor camp established by the Germans. Operated in the years 1942-1944, there were an average of 400 prisoners in it and during the whole time of operation around 2000. Previous to this is was a limestone quarry run by two Jewish families 1873.

In 1993, the former camp site was used for the film “Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg. Although its still very easy to gain access to the ground and to where all the filming had taken place, this is one site that out of respect is better left to look at from a distance.

Krakow Train Graveyard

This graveyard is set with rows and rows of abandoned trains that seem to go on forever. The majority of trains here are of Soviet-era design that date back to the mid 1960’s when the country was still part of the Warsaw Pact.

This site is the Kraków Bieżanów Locomotive Depot. It’s over 2 kilometers long, Its very strange to see this many trains all sitting there with the surrounding bushes and tree’s slowly taking over.

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Benedict Fort & Church

Dating back to the 1860’s this is the only remaining out of the 3 original forts, This fort represents a type of 19th-century artillery fortified tower, used in many strongholds until the mid-19th century. Over time is has had many uses including Austrian military barracks and was even converted into apartments in the 1950’s. It has now been fully sealed off so you are only able to see it from the outside.

Zakrzowek Lake

Cloaked by a dense set of bushes, dirt mounds and trees. You could walk straight past and be none the wiser to the oasis the lies afoot. No signs with directions, you wont find this in any of your travel guides either. This is mainly due to the fact its private property and heavily fenced up. That’s never stopped the locals from making as many access holes as possible to get through, Some even set up in front of the holes they have cut and charge any passing tourists a small fee to use there entry point.

Fort 51 Rajsko

One of the artillery fortress built between 1881 – 1884 . It was one of the largest forts in its class during the Austro-Hungarian Empire , an area of about 2600 square meters, it is located on hill Rajsko , the highest in the area (349 m), which was a good vantage point at the time. Although there have been attempts to block it off there are many acces point to this structure.

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