For all the vegan or vegetarian friends out there, it’s not always easy navigating the packets and menu on what you’re about to eat or purchase and it sure as hell gets a lot harder when in a foreign country. Krakow is very friendly vegan friendly, this has a lot to do with there being 10+ universities, that’s a lot for such a small city.

You could go Friday to Monday eating every meal at a vegan or vegan friendly restaurant. To make it easier we have put together a quick guide on someone of Krakow’s best Vegan and Vegetarian spots.


Possibly one of those most sort after items once the sun goes down is the Kebab, Normally this would be a falafel that’s most likely been out all day and not the best quality. Now come forth Vegab, they have put a delicious spin on the regular kebab,full of wheatgrass and all the extras. They are no more expensive than a regular kebab.

Address: Starowiślna 8, 31-038 Kraków

2. Krowarzywa Vegan Burger

This is definitely our top pick, a stone throw away from the main square. The Burgers are next level and to top it off they they use no frozen foods, preservatives, canned food, monosodium glutamate or other flavour enhancing substances. Plus have neither microwave ovens nor GMOs.

Address: Sławkowska 8, 31-014 Kraków

3. Glonojad Vegetarian Bar

This bar draws local, traveling and regular student crowds, and it is located on the edge of Plac Matejki. The menu here is of the Middle Eastern flavors and Orient with Rajasthani bhajis. There are also eggplant stews, falafel tortillas and a whole host of colorful smoothies

Address: plac Jana Matejki 2, 31-157 Kraków

4. Pod Norenami – Oriental Vegetarian & Vegan

Located on the charming ulica Krupnicza, between museums, the university, and two of Kraków’s theatres, and among other restaurants in a place which has the well-earned reputation as the city’s restaurant quarter. The restaurant is on the route connecting the heart of the Old Town with the green parkland of Błonia meadow, another delightful spot. The spacious interior of Pod Norenami connects the secrets of a 19th century Kraków house with the traditions of Japan. There head chef Paweł Albrzykowskim has really proven that vegetarian cuisine does not have to be boring and colourless… on the contrary, it can be a realisation of the concept of fullness of flavour – which for centuries has been the goal of Chinese and Japanese chefs.

Address: Krupnicza 6, 31-123 Kraków

5. Veganic

Veganic is a restaurant located in one of the trendiest places in Krakow – “Dolne Młyny”. Furnished with taste and attention to every detail, a bright and spacious interior with a pleasant atmosphere and a relaxed atmosphere. The vast majority of our menu is about 90% vegan dishes. In addition, a rich card of wines, spirits and delicious cocktails await guests. In the summer they have oe of the biggest and most relaxing beer gardens in Krakow availavle to their guests.

Address: Dolnych Młynów 10, 31-124 Kraków

Ready to get Ship Faced?



I doubt you would find a more homey setting in Krakow, with sofas, vintage lamps, and all sorts of painting on every wall. The menu is an internationally inspired hand picked with a lean towards indian cuisine, portion sizes that are big on your plate and light on your wallet. A crowd favorite for local with one of the best Juice bars in town.

Address: Jana Długosza 2, 30-512 Kraków

There are many other vegans and vegetarian spots in Kraków, but listed above are some of the best.

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