You’re Quick Guide to Getting the Cheapest Flights to the Best Party Cities in Europe.ultimate

Sky Scanner

We will start with the obvious one first that you may already be very familiar with, Sky scanner is a website and app that compares air fares from all the different airlines that are available. But be careful as this site is known to track your searches and show more expensive flights when looking up the same date & destinations multiple times. Those familiar with Sky Scanner may not be aware of the explore feature. Its only available on the app version and shows you all the best deals from your city on the upcoming weekends. If you’re looking for a last minute getaway this is your best shot.

Secret Flying.

I first stumbled onto this gem on a the wall of a friends Facebook page, Secret Flying is a site that looks out for deals that you would normally miss out in when doing the regular searches, for example purchasing two different one way tickets instead of a return to get a better deal or when air lines have only last remaining seats at a discount rate. They have a website with all the deals listed, however I find they post there best deals to there Facebook page, you can find out more here.


This one is more for our friends in the land down under, Scoot is relatively new airline starting out in 2011 and and recently Scoot received the award for Asia/Pacific’s Best Low Cost Airline for 2015. They provide heavily discounted ticket from the larger Australian cities to Europe There are a few catches, you will need to pay for any extras like luggage, food, drinks.. etc. They only fly into Athens, Greece & only during European summer time. Check them out here.

Google Flights

With similar features, Google Flights is a stripped back version of Sky Scanner but unlike its completion has a great feature to compare multiple destinations, it will suggest nearby airports or different dates to get you the cheapest flights, as well it’s also lots of fun to play around with for those of us constantly planning the next getaway.

Ryan Air

Now the largest discount airline in the world, you’ve probably flown with them multiple times. Ryan Air is the all mighty rulers when it comes to discount flights. Give them a like on Facebook and constantly check their website for sales. At the time of writing this post they are advertising 10 Euro flights to range of locations for the coming winter. That’s cheaper than a daily train tickets in some country’s.

If you have any more suggestions or tips please let us know is the comments below.

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