If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Krakow, you’ve probably already googled the phrase “best bars in Krakow” or “Krakow nightlife” multiple times. Chances are, every single of these articles you’ve read was overrun with the same suggestions and recommendations over and over again, and while we do love smashing 1€ shots in BaniaLuka like there’s no tomorrow, you might want to break away from the touristy cliches for an unique Krakow experience. Below you’ll find some of the hidden gems of Old Town and Jewish quarter that we can’t get enough of:


featuring colorful design, hand-painted menus and homemade vodka infusions in some crazy flavors, their cocktails are very affordable and the local DJs who play there every Friday & Saturday manage to conjure up a perfectly chilled out atmosphere. Very popular with locals. A good alternative for nearby Alchemia, which is always packed.

Address: Warszauera 1

2)Klub RE:

a few minutes walking off the always crowded Main Square, this bar/club has everything you need for a great night – cheap beers, great music, hidden nooks perfect for just chilling and even a small dance floor within the smoking area. In the summer, their garden is a must do. They also organize live music concerts every once in a while, so keep an eye out on their Facebook.

Address: Świętego Krzyża 4

3) Z ust do ust:

a hidden speakeasy in the Jewish quarter. You can find them by solving a series of riddles on their website, or asking one of the locals, as the place has been vastly popular ever since its’ inception last year. Their bartenders are highly skilled, and passionate about the art of making cocktails, and it’s definitely a different way of spending your evening. They even serve drinks in miniature bathtubs, complete with a plastic ducky on top. If you’d like to experience something out of the ordinary during your trip to Krakow, Z ust do ust is a must do.

Address: you have to figure it out on your own :)

4) Święta Krowa:

the name literally meaning “Holy Cow”, this place has a unique oriental vibe, and has become a temple for techno & electronic music aficionados over the years. Hidden away in an unassuming gate on one of Krakow’s busiest streets, it’s surprisingly obscure when it comes to travellers, but the local crowd that frequents it is always up for a good time (on the weekends, Krowa stays open until 11am)

Address: Floriańska 16

5) Betel:

a few steps away from the Planty Gardens, Betel has the kind of rough interior, featuring steel & bricks, that has become very popular in the recent years. Their patio is perfect for enjoying drinks in the summer, and they’ve been known for organizing gigs featuring up-and-coming local DJs and producers. If you’d like to discover some fresh new beats and have a Few cheap beers right in the hear of Old Town without being trampled by the tourist crowd, this is the place to be.

Address: plac Szczepański 3

If you are looking for something to eat after a few drinks then check out blog post on the best burgers in Krakow.

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