[Written by our very own operations manager & pub crawl guide Julia Malinowska]

We can pretty much assure you that when you come back from your summer gallivanting across Europe and say “yeah I’ve been to Krakow”, your mates’ response will not include any of the following questions:

  • did you go to Auschwitz?
  • did you see the castle?
  • how were the salt mines?

Why? Because probably the first thing they’re gonna sputter out will be “oh man, Polish chicks are so hot”.

While we certainly do agree with this sentiment, Polish chicks are also not as easy to crack as you might think. This article is the first one in a two part series – the second one will include tips what you SHOULD be saying to Polish ladies if you want to succeed in your pursuit.

  1. “Polish girls are so beautiful” – although your intentions might be good & you just want to pay the lovely lady at the bar a compliment, all it’s going to get you is a tired eyeroll or a fake laugh. Why? Because everyone says it to them at least 7 times a night, and it says a lot about your creativity. Or lack of it.
  2. “I thought Poland was like, a third world country” – do I even need to comment on this one? Nothing says “soulmate” like not only being ignorant, but also freely admitting to it during a conversation.
  3. “What language do you speak in Poland?” – …mate. Just don’t.
  4. Any attempt at speaking Polish – it’s never cute. You just end up sounding like your mouth forgot how to make sounds. And under NO circumstance should you attempt to woo the ladies with the most popular Polish word. You know which one I’m talking about – starts with “k” and is greatly overused by every single person in this country? Yeah, that one.

So are Polish women some impossible conquests, spending their lives scoffing at any man who dares approach them? Definitely not. But there are some cliches and overused pick up lines that would make anyone in their right mind lose their shit. So if you want to get laid and not left behind, steer clear of the phrases above.

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